Home Loans

Complete Finance can assess your situation to offer you a home loan product that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Finding the right home loan for you

Whether you’re refinancing your home loan or downsizing for retirement, at Complete Finance, we are passionate about providing our clients with tailored advice and access to Australia’s best loan products from major banks and alternate lenders.

We will guide you through your options and explain the features of each mortgage product so you are empowered to make an informed decision. Contact us today and let us get to work on your pre-approval.

Our home loan expertise

Refinancing your home loan

We can help you refinance your existing loan by comparing hundreds of loan products in order to secure you the lowest interest rates and reduce your monthly repayments.

Investment Property Loans

At Complete Finance, we’ll provide tailored solutions to suit your specific loan needs to help you acquire and finance your new investment property.

Offset accounts

Offset accounts can be utilised to reduce the amount of interest charged on your home loan. For more information about offset accounts, contact us today.

How much can I borrow?

We help you understand your borrowing capacity by assessing your financial situation and offering flexible, realistic loan options.

Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Speak to an expert and let us calculate what your Lenders Mortgage Insurance will be. For more information, contact us today.

Applying for a home loan

We make securing your first home loan as stress-free as possible. From our initial meeting to the settlement of your new home, we are committed to providing personable and professional service.

  1. Get in touch with Complete Finance
  2. Speak to a home loan specialist
  3. Get pre-approved
  4. Sign your contract
  5. Move into your new home!


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