First Home Buyers

Thinking of buying your first home but don’t know where to start?

Complete Finance is here to help!

We will assist you with every aspect of applying for your first mortgage and are with you from application through to approval.

Buying your first home is an exciting time in your life, but without an expert on your side, it can be a stressful and overwhelming process.

That’s where Complete Finance comes in. We are passionate about seeing our clients realise their dream of owning a home and are committed to guiding them through every step of the journey. We will help you understand your borrowing capacity, eligibility for government grants and provide you with a mortgage option suited to your needs.

First Home Owner Grant application

The First Owner Grant is a one-off payment of $15,000 available to first-time property buyers purchasing or building a new home. To be eligible for the grant, first home buyers must build or purchase a new or substantially renovated home that they have not previously lived in. At Complete Finance, we can take you through the eligibility requirements of the First Home Owner Grant and take the legwork out of the application process. For more information on the First Home Owner Grant, get in touch with an expert today!

First Home Buyer Schemes

The First Home Buyer Scheme is an initiative by the Australian Government to help first home buyers get into the property market sooner. The scheme is available to low and middle income first home buyers allowing them to purchase their first property with as little as a 5% deposit. Contact us today to find out more about your eligibility for the First Home Buyer Scheme.

Ready to buy your first home?

As home loan experts, we provide professional advice around the eligibility criteria for first homeowner grants and schemes to ensure you have the best start possible on your journey as a property owner. For qualified advice on getting pre-approved for your first mortgage so you can access home loans from a wide range of lenders, contact us today!